let your light shine bright

Don’t hide the light under a bushel.

1- Dental Healing Research and full Manuscript.

describe in 200 words.

2- Website Design and Marketing.

describe in 200 words, glowingly.

3- ESL Instructor in 4 countries.

4- The work I REALLY want is the one where I learn new things, I do what is on my “leading edge”, and I advance quickly to meet goals asap. 



1- Attend a resume workshop here asap and put EVERYTHING on it, all and don’t diminish anything. Bring out unusual skill-sets that another co. could really use.

2- The most desirable skill is said to be ability to get on well with others. Is this the case? Then show how I do this. Example, running happy and creative classes.

3- Start prepping now for a new ESL adventure.